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Tribute to Dr Antonie Zietsman, Dermatologist

Dr Zietsman passed away on 7 August 2014 of metastatic bronchial carcinoma at the age of 74 years, 4 months after being diagnosed.

I have known him since 1961 when we were students in Sonop residence at the University of Pretoria where we shared many pleasant experiences

He was an acquaintance and a loyal colleague,a private and unpretencious person who called a spade a spade and never deliberately tried to impress people.

Talented in many aspects,Tonie had an impressive academic track record which culminated with a distinction in his final M.Med (Derm) examination with Prof Findlay as external examiner – a remarkable achievement of which not many can boast of.

He was artistic and studied art under the well-known artist Errol Boyley. Tonie left behind many land- and seascape oil paintings He was an accomplished pianist and had a deep love for music, collecting music from all over the world. He was a good sportsman who excelled in tennis and football As an excellent swimmer he later trained primary school pupils to swim. He enjoyed cooking ,experimenting with food, especially spicy dishes . Loving the sea, he obtained an international Skippers license, did some deepsea fishing and caught Marlin, Tuna and Dorado. As a keen gardener he often worked in his garden during weekends as a hobby.

His 3 daughters respected his unquestionable fairness, his compassion, enjoyed his quaint sence of humor, and of course his culinary skills!

As a Doctor he practised as General Practitioner in Komatipoort for 12 years, then specialised in Dermatology in Bloemfontein and practised in Pretoria for 24 years. He also worked as a Locum Consultant Dermatologist for 7 years for the NHS in England and Scotland

Tonie was popular with his patients and they respected his professional ability A typical characteristic trait of his was respect and empathy for the elderly

Tonie will be greatly missed as a colleague and as an acquaintance by the Medical Fraternity

Dr JA Hazelhurst.

It was my pleasure and privilege to meet Dr. Zietsman about 10 years ago as an outpatient at St. Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth. UK.

Not did he only treat my condition successfully and promptly, but his very open and friendly manner enabled us to build an immediate rapport.

It is a great sadness to discover that he is no longer with us, and shall remember him with gratitude and for his example. An exceptional man.

Best Wishes,

Colin Stevens