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Prize Winners

DSSA award 2008 - 2017

Awards for 2017

John Moche Research Award - Galderma

The 2017 John Moche Galderma prizes of R25 000 and R10 000 was respectively awarded to Dr BJ van Wyk by the adjudicating panel for proposed research on the “Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus colonisation and methicillin-resistance in the anterior nares of patients with atopic dermatitis: A prospective cross-sectional study” and to Dr Noluvuyo Qikani for proposed research on A MULTICENTRE STUDY EVALUATING THE EFFICACY OF COMBINING TOPICALANTIBIOTIC/STEROID/MOISTURIZER THERAPY COMPARED TO STANDARD OF CAREIN THE TREATMENT OF SEVERE ATOPIC DERMATITIS, a randomized, clinical trial.
Awards for 2016

Galderma announced the winners of the awards for published work.

DSSA award of 15000 to fund dr Mushiana`s study entitled Comparing vitamin D levels in adults with Autoimmune Bullous disease on long term oral prednisolone compared to controls

DSSA award of 25000 for Dr Rangwetsi`s study on Analysis of Inflammatory markers in Children with Atopic Dermatitis in the greater Tshwane region
Awards for 2015

John Moche Research Award - Galderma

R32000 to Dr Jabulile Makhubele for her Research Topic: A retrospective study evaluating clinical and histological correlation between bcl-2 and p53 expression of Kaposi’s sarcoma in Pretoria.

R13000 to Dr LP Mogale for her proposed thesis "HIstological predictors of metastatic disease in black Oculocutaneous Albinism with Squamous cell carcinoma: A retrospective study at Tshwane Teaching and referral hospitals:2008-2012."
Awards for 2014

John Moche Research Award - Galderma
Aspen GSK Stiefel Award.

Dr Khadija Ahmed Shebe. "Genomic studies of anti tuberculosis drugs induced hypersensitivity reactions"

Dr Linda van Deventer - "Vitamin D status in patients with non melanoma skin cancer: a prospective study."
Awards for 2013

John Moche Research Award - Galderma
Aspen GSK Stiefel Award.
Dr Hilary Carman "The effect of hand washing and scrubbing on bacterial flora and irritation among health care workers"
Awards for 2012
Galderma award for published work.

1) Prof F Jordaan (R5000)
Schubert PT, Razack R, Vermaak A, Jordaan F. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Subcutaneous Fat Necrosis of the Newborn. The cytology Spectrum with Review of the Literature. Diagnostic Cytopathology, Vol 00, No 00

2) Dr R Lehloenya (R20 000)
LehloenyaRJ, Todd G, Badri M, Dheda K. Outcomes of reintroducing anti-tuberculosis drugs following cutaneous adverse drug reactions. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2011;15(12):1649-57.

3) Dr N Khumalo (R 10 000).
Khumalo NP, Gumedze F, Lehloenya R. Folliculitis keloidalis nuchae is associated with the risk for bleeding from haircuts. International journal of Dermatology. 2011. 50, 1212-1216.

Aspen GSK Stiefel award.
Dr N Khumalo (R10 000). Also for Folliculitis keloidalis nuchae is associated with the risk for bleeding from haircuts.
Awards for 2011

1) Anisa Moosam. Kaposis sarcoma in Sub Saharan Africa. A current perspective. A. Moosam, J Aboobaker, F Shaik . In Current opinions in Infectious diseases. 2010. 23: 119-123. Award R15000

2)Suretha Kannenburg. A patient with Leonine facies and occult Lung disease. SMH Kannenburg, CFN Kogelengberg, HF Jordaan, CT Bolliger. Respiration 2010. 79 250-254. Award R5000

3) John Moche. Cutaneous annular sarcoidosis developing on a background of exogenous ochronosis: a report of 2 cases and a review of the literature. MJ Moche, SJ Glassman, D MOdk W Grayson. Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 35. 399 -402. Award R5000.

Galderma award for Ethnic skin research
Dr Ilsphi Brown.
Prevalence and Clinical Spectrum of cutaneous findings in HIV-infected individuals and its relationship to ARVs and degree of immunosuppression.

ASPEN GSK Stiefel award.
Not awarded.

DSSA award for proposed research. 2011
Dr Ncoza Dlova
A chemical analysis of skin bleaching creams used in South Africa and potential hazards to the health of South Africans. Investigators:- Ncoza CD, Funani Nevondo, Bice Martincigh.
Awards for 2010
2010 Galderma awards for published work. 2010

Treatment of HIV-associated Kaposi Sarcoma
(In Marlink RG Teitelman SJ eds .From the Ground Up: Building comprehensive HIV/AIDS programs in Resource limited Settings. Washington DC: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation 2009. In press. (chapter in book) R18,000

H F Jordaan and J.W.Schneider
Chapter 47 Dermatological manifestations of T.B. in adults and children
Chapter 87 Dermatology case report Papulonecrotic tuberculosis.

(In Tuberculosis A comprehensive Clinical Reference. Edited by H Simon Schaaf and Alimuddin Zumla published Saunders Elsevier).
R2,000 H.Motswaledi Paecilomyces lilacinus eumycetoma (IJD 2009,48,858-861) R5000.


The Galderma Ethnic skin award for proposed research will be granted to:- 1) Kiasha Govender for her proposed study " Quality of life study on children with atopic dermatitis: An assessment of the Impact and effects of severity of atopic dermatitis on affected patients and their families." R 21,500.

2) Nonhlanhla Khumalo for her study "Cytokine levels in natural afro-textured and relaxed hair" R13 500.

The August C. Stiefel award will be granted to
Nonhlanhla Khumalo for her published work : "Relaxers damage hair ; evidence from amino acid analysis." (JAAD). R10000

Dr Rannakoe Lehloenya of UCT.
Scientific protocol for a prospective study of mucosal complications of Stevens Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis.
R40 000.
Awards for 2009
The Ethnic skin award for research into ethnic skin problems was announced by Galderma:-
Dr Thawer for her proposed work on the filaggrin gene in Xhosa children in Cape Town. ‘Clinical and genetic categorization of atopic dermatitis in Xhosa children in South Africa”.

Galderma award for published work.
Sue Jessop (first author): Pemphigus - a treatment update. Review article.
American Journal of clinical dermatology. 2008 vol 9 number 3.
Sue Jessop ( 58%) = R20 300

Anisa Mosam (first author)
Characteristics of HIV-1 associated Kaposis sarcoma amongst women and men in South Africa.
Original Research Article.
International Journal of STD and AIDS 2008. 19:400-405.
Anisa Mosam ( 42%) = R14 700

DSSA award for proposed research. July 2009.
Dr Vanessa Lapiner. Clinical and Molecular Analyses aimed at improving prognosis and treatment of vitiligo. (20 000 rand initial pay out)

Stiefel award. 2009 Preetha Hariram. An Assessment of the Quality of Life of patients with Psoriasis in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa .
For the year 2008:-
Prof Jordaan gets R5000 for his letter of correspondence to the BJD:
Phacomatosis Spilorosea associated with lymphoedema. Br J Dermatol 2008;159 pp 489-491.

Nonhlanhla Khumalo gets R30000 for :
Khumalo NP, Jessop S, Gumedze F, Ehrlich R. Hairdressing and the prevalence of scalp disease in African adults. Br J Dermatol 2007 Nov;157 (5):981-8

Book chapter ;
Khumalo NP, V Callender. African Hair in "Hair and Scalp diseases." Ulrike Blume Peytavi, Antonella Tosti, David Whiting and Ralph M. Trueb. Commissioned by Springer Verlag, Switzerland (July 2008).